Lankohr, one of the famous among the Aasen.

The Aasen are to the witchworld of the Ophis what the Trolls are to the warriorworld of Myra's Machairas. They have excellent mastery of white magic which is a reason why witches and witch-queens like to have them as servants and magical helpers. About 80%, we assume, are able to wield Greater Magick, the remaining 20% only work minor magic from level 1 to level 3.

Their size is nearly four feet with the stature of a ten year old boy. Their skin is a pale olive green and gets more intense with the years. Their traditional clothing is of dark green colour and consists of tights and long undergarment with a belt around the waist. The head is covered by a phrygian cap (like the jacobites had in the french revolution) which leaves the face open.

Many witches see and treat them as genderless, but there are males and females, and couples like Lankohr and Heeva. Three examples:

  • Lankohr was a young Aase from the area of witchmother Zonda, who as an exeption from his kind only knew minor cantrips, but decided to become a companion to the hero Mythor, the Son of the Comet.
  • Vangard was a very powerful Aase, traveling the world of Machairas on behalf of witchmother Zuma, and when he met Mythor at the Tillorn Colossus, had been travelling through Gwynddor and adapted clothing and habits of the warrior world. Old Aasen have thin white hair, much as humans do, and a weather-beaten wrinkled face.
  • Aase Hermon, example No.3, wasn't servant but partner of a witch. Exeptionally strong, he made a deal with the demigod Orphal and out of this developed the Hermexe, a magical storage object with unlimited space, as the inside is extended into the Inner World of Myra.
  • Player-Race: Yes (as adventurers, not as a nation), Roleplay-Race: Yes


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