The knightly order of Dreamknights on Gwynddor has its base in the country Ashcaran(DE) in the town of Ash'Caron(DE).

A 9th Rank Dreamknight in the typical black armour. Leather in Rank 1-4, Chain in Rank 5-8, Plate from Rank 9

How is it different[]

It is unusual and different from other Dreamknight fortresses in several ways:

  • Ashcaran is not just a country that has Dreamknights, it is a country run by Dreamknights. The king of the country is also High Knight of the order on Gwynddor.
  • Ashcaran Dreamknights can be of any race not inherently evil, as opposed to other groups of the order which include only humans, or humans and elves or somesuch. Pfader, Oldar and other races have found their way into the order in Ashcaran alone.
  • Ashcaran teachings include special rituals of bonding with a patron. As long as Dreamknight novices are in the fortress and have an older Dreamknight following the same patron, they can just follow their lead and get introduced to the new patron deity when they ascend in the ranks, and only later in higher ranks will have to do a special service to the deity in order to be accepted.

Who is Who among the Ashcaran Dreamknights[]

Great Knights[]


Deeds of the Ashcaran Dreamknights[]