I have considered allowing more multiclassing for non-humans in my Gwynddor-Campaign with 5e Adventures according to the Dreamknight rules for the Myra Adventures.

I have considered the following and will allow them on Gwynddor if you plan to play(test) one of them:

  • "Bulls" with patron deity Borgon: Dreamknight-Barbarians (Rage; for a Dwarf, Oega or Tauren/Giantkind)
  • "Badgers" with patron deity Zamnait: Dreamknight Sorceror (Wild Magic; restricted to Schrat, Königstroll (Royal Gnome), Thellen Aentir races)

I would really only allow "badgers" as an extra for non-human nature magic creatures, so that they bring something special, which humans do not (and could not) add to the pool of options and skills. Humans, I feel, have enough of a natural bonus.

Any others you definitely want to play right now?

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