Partial map of Kezunsea.

The Bloody Belt is the equatorial divide between the Witchworld of the Ophis and the Warriorworld of the Machairas. It is a chain of volcanos and home to many strange creatures due to the fact that in the Classic Age this was the Twilight Zone. The segments (from right to left) Corigani, Karcanon, Erendyra, Yhllgord, Gwynddor, Zhaketia and Nykerien border on the Bloody Belt.

The map to the right, with Ophis the diretion on top and Machairas pointing below, shows the Bloody belt on the top, forming the border of Kezunsea to the Witchworld and being the home to many strange creatures, including the more or less good-willed magical beings gathered in Ramarilya, close to the Sea of Erendyra.


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