Ceara is an Aegyr Dreamknight novice from the Bloody Belt on Gwynddor

Ceara knows very little about her birth and those she must call "parents". She only knows the kindness that an elderly human family showed her when she was left in their care as a babe. She spent 17 years of her life living among humans and pretending to be the same. Ceara soon realized that she might have to take drastic measures to keep her true identity a secret. She left her foster family with great sadness, but promised to return to them some day.

She spent the next 12 years travelling frequently, to avoid raising suspicion amongst locals who would start noticing she does not age as others do. During one of her travels across the land in search of a new temporary home, she rescued a small Kaezin from a forest fire that detroyed his tribe. She and 1 year old Ray have been friends ever since.

Shortly after meeting Ray, the two settled down among the Heter Cultists where Ceara would have been content to live out the rest of her long life without much excitement. The cultists, however, saw Ceara as an opportunity to strengthen their alliance with the Dreamknights and begun her training promptly. Ray disappeared a year before she was set to join the order and although Ceara was prepared to lose her friend to a short lifespan one day, she did not expect him to vanish without a trace or an explanation. 



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