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<font size=-2>Source: - drawing by Astrid Grögler, used with permission</font>
<font size=-2>Source: - drawing by Astrid Grögler, used with permission</font>

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In order to get you all more in touch with the Myra basics, like where would someone go, where would a wind blow from, what stars would someone use to navigate in a general direction... take a look at

The Compass Rose - Myra's 12 directions...

The six major directions:

  • Machairas - The Sword - Warriors
  • Thysias - The Altar - Priests
  • Oklis - The Eye - Magicians
  • Ophis - The Snake - Witches
  • Lychnos - The Latern Light - Scientists
  • Klados - The branch (or twig) - Druids

The six minor directions:

  • Stauros - The Fire Cross
  • Phialae - The Goblet
  • Diktyon - The Web or Net
  • Anthos - The Blossom
  • Peristera -.The Dove
  • Bathron - The Footstool

Important Footnote: You shouldn't count on every map being directed to Machairas on the upper side. On MYRA it is quite common that you put the direction on top which represents your deity or national or personal principle that fits best. Watch out for the arrows pointing to "M" for "Machairas" or "O" for Ophis", usually.

For "yonder black mountains in a country afar" you would use only the major directions. For an answer to the question where the next village might be, something with a higher proximity, you'd probably refer to the minor directions.

Compass Rose: When thinking 'compass rose' please be aware that a magnetic compass would not work on Myra, as there are no magnetic poles.

Source: - drawing by Astrid Grögler, used with permission

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