Special Benefits Bearbeiten

  • Parana will give you an added 1d4 on your hit point rolls (up to a maximum of 4 including const.bonus for humans), and the skill to Dreamtravel plus the ability (1) to remove disease 1/week per full 3 levels and (2) to cure wounds 2d8 +1/level -or- cure deafness/blindness -or- cure paralysis if the Dreamknight 1/day per full 6 levels, and (3) to restore level/attributes from drain spells, 1/month per full 12 levels / If this deity is your choice as first patron, you get 1/day cure light wounds 1d8 extra and you can opt for becoming a Dove (see below) On Karcanon, your character is a fair-skinned human from the far-away country of light, Athanesia on Kezunsea, which was home of the dreamknights but is occupied by mercenaries for some years now. Rare would be fair-skinned humans from Tronja, who have fought with the Emporer 412/413 n.P.

Special Hindrances Bearbeiten

  • Parana will demand you to kill no humans and the like on purpose and to show (and get your group to show) mercy against all humans, demihumans and humanoids whenever possible. Your healing shall be applied to all humans and demihumans. As this seems impossible within the normal adventuring experience of Dreamknights who are still far from challenging demons to duels, most Dreamknights skip this patron deity until they are in the highest levels.
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