Eysgiants inhabit, as far as we know, the whole Icy Band in the Machairas of Myra, that large realm of eternal ice which stretches between the continents of Karnicon and Ysatinga on the one side and between Rodebran and Zhaketia on the other side. They are decendants of the Tauren and formed a nation under king Caltryn. Their size is described as being ten to twenty feet high, their equipment as being more furs than armour. Evil and undead Eys-giants are to be found in K'ayra Matra under the control of Lyr A'Krae, a favourite of Xnum, the god of Necromancers.

  • Player race: Yes (on Karnicon and Ysatinga) / Role-play race: No*
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