Hegrit is a Dreamknight-Novice from Ashcaran in Gwynddor.

Hegrit is a female mountaindwarf from Xumbrosch in Kiombael. There she was born into the smith clan. She is an orphan, was found as an infant by the order of the dreamknights in the remains of a caravan, destroyed by an ambush on the third of the Lionmoon, 57 years ago (384 n.P.). This day was written down as her birthday. Though raised in the order she is poor and poorly educated. Since she is a dwarf she was told to work in the smithy early. On the other hand it made her strong as a horse. She always wanted to become a real Dreamknight and entered the order as soon as possible. Her first patron is Chnum.

Hegrit is brown skined, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She is five feet tall, this is quite tall for a female dwarf, broad and muscular build, ready to fight and work all day and ready to eat and drink the kitchen empty in the evening. Being a fighter she tends to atack fast and ask or apologize later. She stands true to the order and sees in the order her clan, her family and her friends.



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