Full Moon over the Hermund School of Wizardry - Image by Carol Heyer, - used with permission

The School of Wizardry in Hermund is on one of the small islands at the mouth of the great rivers Conramat and Kalampe/Jong-sai running into the Inner Sea. All of those islands together form the great 'Free Merchant Town of Hermund' on Karcanon.

The School of Wizardry in Hermund is one of the well-known (but lesser) magic-schools of Myra in the heart (or, as some say, the belly-button) of the continent Karcanon. Head Master and founder of the new tradition is the magician Master Viglos, who is absent most of the time. In his stead, there is the apprentice Master Sonour. He, Sonour, is a Taetz, from a race of intelligent bear-like larger-than-human beings from the island Aegyrland on the neighbouring continent of Yhllgord.

The full moon (the light moon called Dena) is a symbol of both the mother goddess Dena and of her daughter, the denaid Grewia (also called Ildru by some), who is the goddess of riddles and secrets, the cat-goddess and the patron deity of female magic.

See also: Hermund (entry in german language).


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