This category was created in order to facilitate access to potentially relevant information for the players of the new Myra Adventures campaign with Dreamknights on Gwynddor (this continent info is still in German). The campaign will start in the upper left-of-center, where you see the word Traumritter (Dreamknight in German).

Pages listed below will be in English or at least have an english summary on them. Once your characters have proper names, they should have pages in this category, listing everything a neighbour or family member on Myra might know (but no stats or meta-information, all that should either go to the "discussion"-page of the article about your character, and/or on their RPG Wikia page.

A quick guide to the map and the countries Bearbeiten


The Dreamknight country, Ashcaran, you can imagine like a medieval order of knights holding a state in a climate to hot for their regular plate armour. Most people are humans, but the Order of Dreamknights has opened their doors for all willing to fight for the Light with "sword&magic" (every Dreamknight needs to be able to understand magic and hold a longword, even though most will prefer one over the other).

Savalon (midly oriental) and Siraidon (amazons) are neighbouring allies, bound with the Dreamknights in the "Alliance (for) Gynddor" (AG). Aisenatha (ye bastardized fantasy mish-mash and sewer-heavy towns), Ayland (desert riders on special mounts) and Dyvenloon (tree-huggers) are friendly neighbours, sharing some values but no military campaign or pact. Uro-Lianis and Cry-Las-Sin are countries of chaos and nonhumans in the jungles, but you don't assume them to be evil. Bongolen, Januffen and other cat- or ape-like humanoid adventurers will come from there. All other allowed player races come from the Bloody Belt, a chain of volcanoes around the whole globe, separating the male-dominated sword-half of the world (Machairas as a direction, often called "north" on a meta level, but never ingame) from the female-controlled witch-half of the world (Ophis as a direction, meta-name south, but as this map shows, Machairas is not always "up" on a map, here Ophis is "up"). The bloody belt is full of non-humans, monsters, mutations and demihumans (and animal-based humanoids). ((Tabaxi are called Kaezinnen on Myra, for example))

Nebelsümpfe (the Foggy Swamps) is the realm of utter darkness. Humans at their worst, breeding monsters. Hroggania are dark vulcano-bathing monsters (Wergols) with some wyvern-like mounts to ride on (Dragols) and Exartor is an evil empire with walking towns on the backs of giant, 36-legged turtles called Yarls. Everything else is "far, far away" for the moment.



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