The History of Myra is separated by two major events:

  • The last major battle of Light and Darkness, Pondaron - years today are counted 'next to Pondaron' (n.P.) or 'post Pondaron' (p.P.), which is the same. Earlier years today are dubbed 'vers Pondaron' (v.P.) or 'ante Pondaron' (a.P.). All years without a qualifying attribution will today be considered 'after Pondaron', the Modern Age (German: Neuzeit). Between 150 and 250 p.P. most
  • The previous large battle of Light and Darkness, Allumeddon, 120 years v.P., when the Shadowlands were dissolved to prevent a victory of the Demons. The Son of the Comet named Mythor fought in this battle. The time before Alumeddon is called the Classic Age, the time between both battles is called the Middle Age or Dark Age, because it was the time when the Gods didn't answer the prayers.

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