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We're writing the year 439 after the Battle of Pondaron. Called the "Year of the Caterpillar", this moth is a gentle reminder that not every caterpillar brings forth a butterfly. CCBY BloodyWing on DeviantArt.


We'll be starting soon-ish with a new #Fantasy #RPG campaign of #DnD - MYRA-Group on Discord (short time invite) *

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Welcome to the MyraPedia, the free collaborative online encyclopedia -in English and German- on Myra, the SharedWorld project started in 1982 and translated to English since 2005, and Mythor, the series of 193 novelettes from German publisher Pabel-Moewig (1980s), 17 hardcover novels from German publisher Weltbild (2000s), 5 paperbacks (2010s) and the 2015 ebook release (of all 193 serial novels) - and hopefully many short stories and NaNoWriMo novels coming from you in a language of your choice.

D&D Dreamknight Campaign Bearbeiten

We'll be starting soon-ish with a new #Fantasy #RPG campaign of #DnD - A paladin freakshow that includes a variety of races and only one class (Dreamknight as per RPG Wikia). ;-) Done by text over Discord. Interested? Head over to the "Text based 5th Edition Adventures" group-post on FB - or directly to our MYRA Discord (see below).

Dreamknight as a character class:

Myra-Races, which will be permitted:

MYRA-Group on Discord (short time invite)

2019 NaNoWriMo Bearbeiten

Next NaNoWriMo, I'm confident that we will get the seeds of a fantasy-novel for adults or young adults set on Myra, by me, by you or from all of us Fantasy-Nanovellists. It is not impossible that the Myra-Nanovel will be a real success. Because as A. H. Weiler supposedly once said: "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.".

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MyraPedia is intended to be an online encyclopedia of everything on Myra and Mythor. It can be a place to put down entries on everything in the part of the world you adopted, but you should also try to enter all keywords you find on the BBS and/or in the MyraWorld community on LiveJournal. Do not forget the language tag for single language entries.

MyraPedia is not a place for online discussions, we have the forums for that, and not just a place to showcase your work, which you can do in the LJ community. Author pages for published stories and novels are ok, personal homepages, obviously, are not (use the userpages instead to introduce yourself - or get a Geocities homepage to do more).

RPG modules and stats for roleplaying on Myra could or should go to the RPG Wikia

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