Martyna of Belgaran, a noble from Karalo-Floran on Karcanon, was one of the group (now political party) of Free Women, who supported the return into power of the then Princess Edueriva, after the mercenary leader Nadoor and the Minister of Peace, Bofri of Domtrayi, had liberated her from the confinement her father, then Zzar Avictor of Xyar-Karan, had banished her to.

Like others of that circle she was rewarded with her own Duchy in the new Karalo-Floran, one that had formerly been controlled by a family close to the Zzar.

Her bold step on the stage of forces to be reckoned with worldwide was the marriage to the king Ragall of Silur, not only the ruler of a secluded island kingdom that in the Year of the Dragon, 412 nP, had seen a decisive war between the forces of light and evil, and since has established its new school of magic on the island, but politically her husband Ragall was, just after the kind of the elves Katuum of Taron Don Umn, the second ruler to bend his knee to the rising majesty, the now widely aknowledged Emporer Bofri of Karcanon, who was crowned in the Year of the Crown 420 nP.


Martyna im Bote von Karcanon 38 an Teliphar Kedren von Sandramoris.

Together with her new husband Martyna can be seen at decisive events both strategically - like the battle of Reanndt-tenn, where his magic helped to win the day for the crown prince - and diplomatically, like the wedding of Crown Prince Florian, designated next king of Karalo-Floran. And just recently, the blessing ceremony of the imperial child in the imperial city of Chalkis, where everyone who's anyyone in the forces of light on Karcanon showed up.

Family tree Bearbeiten

Baron Nidgren von Archrim
Herzog Dolph von Weswald
Froya von Archrim
König von Silur Ragall *371
Martyna von Belgaran
Herzog Lindolf von Weswald *383
Baron Wissman von Barkan *384
Nyra *401
Dorim *401 nP
Merok *404 nP
Marana *421 nP
Rif *422 nP
Yule von Barkan



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