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Who is responsible for the articles on Myrapedia?Bearbeiten

You are! Actually, you can even edit this very FAQ! The Myrapedia is like the Wikipedia a collaborative effort. Articles are written not by one editor, but by many working collaboratively. There is no such a thing like a "ownership" of certain articles. Anyone is allowed not only to read, but also to write. Anyone can and may edit existing articles without any consultation; but you are asked to discuss any drastic changes of the contents at the associated talk page before applying them.

You can learn who is responsible for the most recent versions of any given page by clicking on the "Page history" link. Nevertheless, if you spot an error in the latest revision of an article, you are highly encouraged to be bold and correct it. This practice is one of the basic review mechanisms that maintains the reliability of the encyclopedia.

If you are uncertain or find the wording confusing, quote the material on the associated talk page and leave a question for the next person. This helps eliminate errors, inaccuracies, or misleading wording more quickly and is highly appreciated by the community.

Should I create an account? Can I not just edit articles anonymously?Bearbeiten

Editors with account names enjoy several benefits: among them is the positive reputation that goes with quality work. In addition, other editors sometimes find collaborating with anonymous users frustrating, because it is more difficult to contact them with questions, concerns, or suggestions. This is not to say there is a Myrapedia hierarchy per se - though there are editors with administrative abilities.

"Myrapedians" with user names are, in a sense, more anonymous than contributors that do not log in: that is, while anyone can see the IP address of a user who did not log in when he/she edited, only server administrators can find the IP of a logged-in user. Therefore, if you are concerned about privacy and anonymity, you may prefer to create a username for yourself in order to hide your IP.

However, if you would like to stay in the dark, it is fine to edit without a login. Some valuable contributors have made this choice. That said, you will not be able to create or rename pages without a login.

--Orco al Moccero 13:15, 26 May 2006 (UTC)