Phyter. Bild: Kris.

Phyter - A young aspiring hero without much of his own choice - and one of the main characters in a nanowrimo novel on Karcanon. Once he was sent to the MSM, the Myra School of Magic in Esoteria, to learn how to be a chronicler, but because of his significant talent with true dreaming and other things, he was educated to be a wizard and a seer. For quite some time he had no idea of what his education consisted or what it would be good for. He was asked to read what seemed to be randomly chosen texts, to learn some of them by heart. This included fragments of Kataph the Wise as well as astrology from the School of Tra-Zun, the Rules of the Pfader as well as old texts from the School of Yrghun or from the Seers of Tanur. In practical magic he liked alteration, charming, herbalism with the GK-master and the knowledge of beings with Gigi Nur. He had a hard time managing illusions, but teachers were soft on him as he was assumed to be a protegé of one of the Great Masters. In autumn 423 nP Phyter is "Student- and Job-Counsellor" of the MSM for newly arrived students and first-time exam candidates, that is students who do their first (and, for most of them, only) exam at the MSM.

Phyter - Character by WGW, Drawing by Christel Scheja



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