The academic tradition and the Rings of Power Bearbeiten

There have always been rings of power in Esoteria – with a whole fortress and school full of magicians and wizards, many of whom trying to leave a trace of permanency for posterity, how could there not be? Some of them were real Rings of Power, forged by the dwarves, giants and even volcano-dwellers of old, enchanted by the greatest of masters and charged with power by their apprentices.

The MSM Esoteria also always had had a traditon of academic exchange. When finishing your magic education you would, as a sign of respect, present a paper of your own research to your master, a different one for each master you wished to honour this way. If you did master his teaching well, he’d give you a copy of a part of his own writing. For some, though, who work in the hard work of enchanting objects, loading, yes charging them with some of your own life's energy in the process, it works the same with magic rings. Crafting a ring, they would, if it was a masterpiece, not wear it but present it to one of their masters, while those were expected -but not obliged- to wear them and offer one they wear in return, which sometimes was crafted by a previous student of this master, sometimes handed down to this master by hios own master when he still was a student. Sometimes a venerable master would be honoured by other masters, who would, one after the other, come and present a ring of their own in respect. A gesture like this, which probably could not be answered in kind, would create a great heirloom, an inheritance to be distributed after his death among those of his blood who posess the training necessary to use them.

This tradition, of course, explains why some writings and some Rings of Power can appear in places where they are not expected - and why the way of rings and writings can hardly, if ever, be traced over the centuries.



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