Karte der Festung Salonien, die von der Lichtliga für ihre Planungen verwendet wurde.

The fortress Salonien in the heart of the mountains of Ersor on the island Silur in the Machairas of Karcanon.

Salonien has been the home of the dark elves of Karcanon since the occupation in 410 nP and throughout and after the rescue mission of the first "League of Light" under Bofri of Domtrayi (later the emperor Bofri of Karcanon) in 412/413 nP, which freed most of the island but not the highest mountains. The riders of Bakanasan, the old empire, in the second "League of Light" have since not really been a great help here either, as their horses are useless in the high mountain areas.


Bild der Festung Salonien

Picture created by Ragall of Silur (Myra member *VFM026*) using Terragen-software to create the virtual landscape. Click thumbnail or here for a larger pic. Expect to see more terragen-landscapes in the future of Project Myra.
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