Somewhere in the Desert of Swift Death on Kezunsea, on the continent of Karcanon (in the lower middle of the map to the right) there's this view above appearing out of the desert storms:

Partial map of Kezunsea.

Dunes? Hills? Who can tell in this everchanging part of Myra? Inside it, if you could enter, you would find the worldly home of the young god Seeker, one of the lesser deities and demigods who is forced to live on the world instead of in the heavens with the others.

The wizard Clarion came here from Gortania in Zertanien (see map) where he had defended the heart of the town against the desert nomads of Shall'udn'haba under the white rider, Barak yl Yassara. Clarion was sent to the holy place of Seeker at Helion on Rillanon in the Green Sea (see map) to become Clarion of Helion and later on the wise Guardian of first Ysatinga and later Erendyra, which is very close to this desert, bringing his life to full circle.

Image (copyrighted) created with Terragen by Corinna Werder,, used with permission


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