Image by Kris.

The career of this MSM Esoteria-trained magic user starts as an aide of fugitive Baron Rand Runaway from Dunster in Athanesia, who had to flee from Dunster after the military coup d'etat there by Duke Owen, who replaced the previous Duke (and later ambassador of Athanesia to the Umntor region) Gordon of Dunster. In the service of Baron Rand, Shiona was involved in some more or less mysterious dealings which have to do with finding all the five symbols "the prophecy of the king" speaks of, or stealing them if finding isn't enough. So she is involved in the plot to reinstate the 'True Kingdom' to Athanesia, where councils and generals have ruled for the last 20 years.

The only close friend she is known to have is, besides the Baron possibly, another wizard-turned-thief called Bas by friends, or Master Ikum for his pupils when he now teaches at the MSM outlet in Carthanc, Athanesia's capitol.

It is rumoured that Shiona n'Harad had something to do with the coup in the MSM Esoteria in and after 415 nP, but this has yet to be proven, as well as her involvement with the attacks on the dwarves of Rockander who tried to find a tunnel to the Desert of Swift Death. So if everything rumoured about her is true, Shiona n'Harad might be important after all.


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