Songs Like Falcons Bearbeiten

Kantoj la esti kia falkoj

schiri `c´e mia koro

kaj esti autuna tempoj

la fari mia malgojo.

revoj de antau - hierau.


Translation (rough): Bearbeiten

"Songs, which are like falcons, tear at my heart. And it is the time of autumn which causes my sadness - dreams of the day before yesterday. (Bee-wolf)"

Background Bearbeiten

The Bee-Wolf was the nickname of Philantus of Aurinia, ruler and IRON king of Aurinia (which is on the great island Kaurias on the segment Ysatinga) from 401 to 407 n.P.. Philanthus was from the house of Wolfer which had ruled about 90 years by then, one of the "Knights of Dream" (Traumritter) who fought battles against myriads of Diabelos, arm-lenght killer bees, between the year of the generals, 405 nP and the year of fire, 407 nP. He lost many friends and his marriage during this war.

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